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About Us

When I started college, I had aspired to become an architect, originally starting as a civil engineer and changing direction, graduating as an English major -- learning to balance “the arts” and “the sciences”.  What I had initially perceived as a mistake has provided me the tools to be a different type of architect, both from an informational and a business perspective in the corporate environment for more than twenty years. 

When I was downsized about ten years ago, I downsized my business analysis skills to work in the small business environment.   I enjoy working with small business owners, helping their businesses grow, strengthening roots in the community, and developing their business image.

Suzann Brucato, Owner
Work Smarter Now, LLC.

About ten years ago when Suzann’s daughter was in one of my dance classes, I had asked Suzann for her opinion on my website and how I could strengthen my business image, especially using the internet. Since then, Suzann has developed an overall internet image for the Kathryn Barnett School of Dance, and coordinated PR efforts that are working for me. This year, at registration, 80% of new families got their information about my business from my website. I owe the increase in enrollment to Suzann's skill in web design & PR.

Kathryn Barnett, Director  -  Kathryn Barnett School of Dance -