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Helping small businesses improve community presence, business practices, and customer relations.




Business Practices

Communication and organization are two defining characteristics for a business. 

Consistently answering the basic questions of "who", "what", "where", "when", "why", and "how" from a customer and business perspective is key to connecting more effectively and operating more efficiently. 

Portraying your business' character, in everything from phone calls to your website, demonstrates your confidence in your service or products. 

- Prepare a TARGETED Business Resume

- Design REUSABLE Communication Tools

Work Smarter Now evaluates a business' service or product life cycle to assist business owners optimize business practices. 

Work Smarter Now with its proprietor Suzann Brucato has assisted small businesses to grow and be recognized in the community.  She has offered assistance in editing / streamlining ads as well as internet posting for those un-savvy small business owners.  A resource that all business owners should tap!

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