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Helping small businesses improve community presence, business practices, and customer relations.




Community Presence

While big business uses big money to promote a big picture to the global community, a small business can send a big message by understanding the power of proportion. 

Developing targeted communication at a community level brings your business down to earth, sending a powerful message.  Providing a consistent message encourages a sense of trust and reliability that welcomes new customers and retains a strong customer base. 

- Use LOCAL internet and community resources

- Create BASIC Business Collateral

Work Smarter Now analyses a business' internet geography and community demographic to assist business owners expand their community presence. 

Over a period of four years, Suzann Brucato has given much appreciated support to me in developing a website from its beginning.  She has consistently responded promptly to requests for help and has always been thorough in support and suggestions.  I can recommend her as a person of vision, knowledge, integrity, and generosity.

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