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Helping small businesses improve community presence, business practices, and customer relations.




Customer Relations

Developing a dependable business image is more than presenting consistent information to customers, prospects, and employees. It is packaging your business philosophy to identify the benefits of your products or services. 

Defining your business in terms of meeting specific needs in the community differentiates your business and encourages customers to share their experience with others. 

- Sell BENEFITS before products and services

- Develop a PERPETUAL Business Map

Work Smarter Now examines the local business community to assist business owners foster customer relations. 

Work Smarter Now has been able to meet and exceed my company's needs in each area of my educational business.  Suzann Brucato’s positive, encouraging way motivated me to reach and exceed my business goals under her direction.  Suzann’s reliability and dedication has been unmatched, and her business vision and clarity has helped me increase my revenue over the past seven years.  I recommend Work Smarter Now in the strongest possible terms and without the slightest reservation. 

Sherri Paris, Director – New Logic Educators -